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Pimping my IPython

Using IPython in your development workflow can be a massive time saver, and great for TDD, investigating APIs or legacy code or just for saving time performing some manual task.

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I’m currently working on a legacy Django codebase that’s deployed to a few different unique servers.

I’m …

How to buddy code on TMUX using Wemux

Buddy/pair programming and mobbing can be a really useful technique to share knowledge and improve code quality.

I prefer to use tmux over SSH to do this, as it’s fast and allows everyone at least some ability to customise their terminal.

It’s possible to use pure tmux …

Tips and Hints for Setting up NFSv4 with Kerberos with FreeIPA and FreeNAS

I have a FreeIPA server setup in my homelab which provides Kerberos and identity services. It seems like overkill, and it probably is, but I wanted to be able to use NFS which means that I need a way to keep user and groups in sync across my various machines …

Research Spike on Docker Volume Permission

I love Docker. Who doesn’t! But it’s got one issue that continue to bugs me, and is always biting me in the arse.

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In many environments, such as on a dev box or a build slave, it can be useful to use docker to wrap a build tool …