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Feature Toggles for Python, Django and Django REST Framework

So I’ve been wanting to get a decent feature toggle framework set up for my project at work. It’s one of those things which isn’t useful until it is, and then the pressure is on so you put off adding it, until it’s not useful again …

Mini-review: Command and Control by Eric Schlosser

Command & Control by Eric Schlosser is a book I have a bad habit of boring people with at parties. This is more a reflection of my lack of charisma than the book itself!

Book Cover

It’s a fantastic history of the era of nuclear weapons, through the lens of just how …

Pimping my IPython

Using IPython in your development workflow can be a massive time saver, and great for TDD, investigating APIs or legacy code or just for saving time performing some manual task.

IPython logo

I’m currently working on a legacy Django codebase that’s deployed to a few different unique servers.

I’m …

How to buddy code on TMUX using Wemux

Buddy/pair programming and mobbing can be a really useful technique to share knowledge and improve code quality.

I prefer to use tmux over SSH to do this, as it’s fast and allows everyone at least some ability to customise their terminal.

It’s possible to use pure tmux …

Why I moved to GitLab

I’ve been becoming more and more enamored with GitLab.

I’ve always used GitHub for personal projects but, despite it being the de facto standard for developers looking for a place to keep their repositories, I decided to move to GitLab as the primary location for storing my projects …

Tips and Hints for Setting up NFSv4 with Kerberos with FreeIPA and FreeNAS

I have a FreeIPA server setup in my homelab which provides Kerberos and identity services. It seems like overkill, and it probably is, but I wanted to be able to use NFS which means that I need a way to keep user and groups in sync across my various machines …

Using the Adafruit Bluetooth LE Sniffer with modern distro

I’m currently doing a lot of work with BLE and so was looking for ways to analyse traffic on the wire. While wireshark can do sniffing with your standard bluetooth dongle, it can only sniff traffic that the bluetooth controller is directly involved with, and the indirection between bluetooth …

Research Spike on Docker Volume Permission

I love Docker. Who doesn’t! But it’s got one issue that continue to bugs me, and is always biting me in the arse.

Docker Logo

In many environments, such as on a dev box or a build slave, it can be useful to use docker to wrap a build tool …

Why I’m a remote working fanatic

I’m often approached by recruiters, and in general I’m always happy to listen to potential opportunities and have a chat. However more often than not I don’t take it any further unless the organisation has embraced remote working.

I freakin’ love remote-working and I’d find it …

Why did I pick the domain name

EDIT: I’ve since changed domainname to avoid more of the same problems below. Hopefully using my actual name which make this all slightly less likely in the future!

tl;dr; It’s a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

For about 10 years now I’ve …